The California Double with Izzi Gomez and Redbull SwitchBoard

Ahhh Southern California. There aren’t many places in the world where you can surf & hit the slopes in the same day, and even less women who will take up the challenge. (Trust me, I’ve wanted to do this for years but haven’t been able to get someone to come with!) So I was extra stoked when SUP world champion Izzi Gomez was going to be doing the Redbull Switchboard this spring.

Get some morning glass before the wind picks up, and head up to the mountains by afternoon. You can do this the other way around as well, but I’ve found it works better this way since most of the local mountains have night skiing options whereas you never know what the wind will do on the ocean later on in the day. The local mountains Snow Summit and Big Bear , and Mountain high are now in the summer season…but when you consider the dumping of near-glacial amounts of snow this year on the Sierra Nevada mountain range—snow totals for Mammoth Mountain for the 2018/19 season have reached 681 inches (that's more than 56 feet!) that is the most snow in North America; you can understand why adventurists of all sorts rejoice as it extends its season into August!! Shredding on Independence Day? Only in California.

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