Try These All-Natural Sunscreens for a Healthy Body & Planet

Summer is officially here, and I’m sure you’re ready for all things sun, sand, and sea. But before you head out on your vacation on the shores, you have to remember to protect your skin!


Honestly, protecting our skin barrier is something we should do no matter the season. Whether you’re driving to work or are sitting in front of your computer at the office, harmful UV rays are always on the move, damaging your body’s largest organ in the process!

That said, before you douse yourself in greasy sunscreen from head to toe, remember to put your wellness and the health of our planet first. From toxic chemicals that leach into our bloodstream at alarming rates to the scary ingredients that wash off our bodies and wreak havoc on vibrant coral reefs, it’s safe to say that not all sunscreens are created equal.

Ditch the cancer-causing retinyl palmitate and the endocrine disrupting Oxybenzone, and instead, safely soak up some vitamin D with all-natural sunscreen that feels good, (mainly those that use zinc oxide, and non-nano particle titanium dioxide) from the outside in!

Raw Elements Sunscreen

Raw Elements Sunscreen was developed by a lifeguard, and with zero-waste packaging, this sunscreen is the perfect eco-tool for days under the sun. It’s long lasting and all-natural with a cool story and mission.

The thing I loved the most about this brand was that the tinted facial moisturizer gives really good coverage, so it’s like a natural version of a bb cream concealing my sun freckles. Of all the sunscreens I tried, this one had the highest percentage of Zinc Oxide, so its perfect if you are spending a lot of time under the direct sun. One thing I will add is that it can easily transfer to your hat brim, headband, or anything else your face might touch at first, but eventually soaks into your skin. I used to use the Shseido SPF50+ while surfing but now I only use this before a surf!

Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide: 23%


Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden makes a reef-safe sunscreen for all the deep dives you’ll do this summer. Created by a herbalist and biochemist, I love their use of plant-based ingredients and pure minerals. This brand has a wide variety of products for your skincare needs. And while the sunscreen leaves a bit of a white hue on the skin, I’m a huge fan of their sunscreen removal face wash, and they have a lot of good information on their website as well.

Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 6.4%, Zinc Oxide 6.0%



I might have found the holy grail of all-natural sunscreens in Supergoop! (At least in how it feels when you put it on.) Made with olive Polyphenols, this quick-absorbing sunscreen doesn’t leave a white film on your skin. And with added hydration, it’s quite incredible that there’s no residue left behind.

The bad: This brand is tad bit pricey and isn’t waterproof, and it does have octinoxate in it.

An octinoxate is the most widely used UVB-absorbing agent in sunscreen today. Learn more about Octinoxates and if they’re safe.

Active Ingredients: Octinoxate (Sunscreen) 7.5%, Zinc Oxide (Sunscreen) 10.1%


Soleil Toujours

If you don’t like to feel like your products are just sitting on top of your skin, Soleil Toujours is a fantastic choice for all your vacation needs! I immediately felt it absorb into my skin without that gross cakey texture that I believe to be a natural deterrent for most people who are hesitant about applying sunscreen. This sun essential is absolutely silky, perfect for when you need a UV protectant underneath your makeup.


Coola Sunscreen

If you’re looking to protect your skin beyond the beach, you’ll enjoy Coola! They have an extensive line of products from full-spectrum sun drops to SPF lip balm and tinted sunscreen, so you’ll never have to choose between protecting your skin and looking good again. Their packaging is the most attractive of the mineral sunscreens as well.

Coola has a “Farm to Face” philosophy, and though they don’t emphasize helping our planet with their products, they do make a promise to provide their customers with ingredients that are natural, organic, sustainable, and locally sourced.

Coola Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 Matte tint:

Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide (Sunscreen) 3.2%, Zinc Oxide (Sunscreen) 1.8%.

Read the scoop on titanium dioxide.


All Good products

This sunscreen starts at a good price point, and can easily be found in most major stores. I’ve used the All good Sports SPF 30 for my body when I’m getting ready to head out for a surf, and the lip balm which is also great! I like that it absorbs in the skin well, and really does physically block the sun. It didnt leave a residue and last for a good few hours. You just have to remember to re-apply!

Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide: 12% (non-nanoparticle)


Now that you’ve got the scoop on sun protection for all of this season’s shenanigans, I want to know... where are you headed?