MindTravel: The Perfect Transformative Experience You Should Try


Growing up in Brooklyn, Murray Hidary started playing piano at the age of 6. He focused on classical compositions, and knew he wanted to be a composer early on. His wanderlust took him around the world after studying at NYU gleaning musical influences along the way. He went on to be a successful tech pioneer as one of the earliest website creators in his 20s.

His passion to create and improvise music was a personal practice until 6 years ago, when MindTravel was born.

MindTravel is an immersive musical experience with silent headphones in unique settings in the outdoors. Murray's mission is to move people to purpose, and help them on a journey of self-discovery and mindfulness.


He always wanted it to be an authentic experience and accessible to all who attend so the event costs are suggested donation. Each live performance is unique and improvised and the recordings are given as a gift to the audience with a 'pay later' option. Putting a great trust into the community, Murray says this social experiment has had a 90% return of people sending money in when they can.

 Whether it be curiosity, or if you are seeking a transformative individual experience collectively, its something unique and a great reminder to time to slow down and be present in your surroundings.